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Landscape Maintenance Radisson, NY

Landscape Maintenance Radisson, NYCGM Property Services has been the leading landscape maintenance service provider in Radisson, Liverpool, Clay, Cicero, N. Syracuse, Mattydale, Syracuse, and surrounding areas. We are able to establish our good reputation in the industry by always providing top-notch maintenance services regardless of the type of client we serve. We use our full resources, send our best people to do the job, and offer our services at client-friendly rates. With this kind of service, clients can have professionally maintained landscapes that are also stunning and functional.

Excellent Landscape Maintenance Service

At CGM Property Services, we are committed to provide our residential and commercial clients with the best landscape maintenance services. Our dedicated maintenance crews will always put their A-game whenever they work on maintenance projects. In fact, the landscapes that they are now maintaining in Radisson, NY and surrounding areas are considered the best-maintained landscapes in the state.

Meanwhile, you can hire us to work on any of the following landscape maintenance tasks:

  • Lawn mowing. We have skilled crews and complete mowing tools, so we can work on all mowing tasks efficiently and promptly. We use the right mowing techniques to ensure the proper growth of your grass. With us, you can have a spic and span lawn all year round.

  • Trimming and pruning. Shrubs and trees must be regularly trimmed or pruned to maintain their health and aesthetic appeal. Overgrown trees can damage properties and even cause injuries to people if not properly maintained.

  • Mulching. We can apply premium mulches on your flower beds and other areas in your landscape. The organic mulches that we use come in different colors and sizes, so we can easily create interesting spots around your landscape. But aside from the aesthetics aspect, mulches are better alternatives to synthetic fertilizers. They can provide the necessary nutrients needed by your plantings.

  • Landscape Maintenance Radisson, NY
  • Drainage system maintenance. Your drainage system must be in tiptop condition at all times. Clogged drainage, for example, can cause flooding, turf damage, and attract pests. Let the people from CGM Property Services maintain your drainage system to avoid these scenarios.

  • Bed edging. We can perform regular bed edging to make your flower beds look neat and clean. We will remove invasive weeds and overgrown grass using edgers and other task-appropriate tools.

  • Fertilizing. All types of plantings need the right amount of nutrients for them to grow and stay healthy. We carefully assess the needs of your lawn and other plantings before applying fertilizers. We also apply them at the right season to maximize nutrient absorption.

  • Spring and fall clean-ups. A messy lawn or landscape is not only an eyesore but is a sure magnet for unwanted insects and pests. The accumulated debris, fallen leaves, and waste materials can also pose health risks to you, your family, and your customers. But you can avoid these things by hiring our spring and fall clean up services.

Maintenance of Residential and Commercial Landscapes

CGM Property Services is not a typical landscape maintenance company in New York. We offer clients with premium services and guarantee outstanding outcomes regardless of the scope and complexity of the maintenance tasks. With our extensive experience in the industry, we have already served countless satisfied residential clients. Owners of apartment complexes and most homeowner's associations in Radisson also choose us for our quality service. We also maintain commercial landscapes, particularly those in shopping centers, offices, parks, malls, restaurants, warehouses, and service stations.

Hire CGM Property Services now and start enjoying a well-maintained landscape courtesy of our skilled and experienced landscape maintenance crews. Contact us at (315) 506-6999.

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