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Lawn Mowing Syracuse, NY

Lawn Mowing Syracuse, NYMowing grass is among the most vital maintenance jobs that must be done to achieve healthy and attractive lawns. This, together with watering and fertilizing, is what makes lawns verdant and in tip-top shape during the entire growing season. And when it comes to providing the best lawn mowing services to commercial and residential lawns in the cities of Syracuse, Liverpool, and Baldwinsville, no other company is as trusted as CGM Property Services.

Having served numerous clients in these cities, we have earned a reputation as a competent, reliable, and dedicated landscaping company providing cost-effective mowing solutions. We render expedient services at popular rates that clients can afford with ease. Should you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to connect with us. You can visit our office or call our hotline for faster response.

Why Hire CGM for Your Lawn Mowing Needs?

We have always made it a point to put our clients’ landscape maintenance needs on top of our priorities. Accordingly, we ensure that we’re always updated when it comes to lawn mowing techniques and cutting-edge equipment. We have heavy-duty riding mowers and trucks, as well as push mowers, baggers, and utility trailers that allow us to work smoothly.

Lawn Mowing Syracuse, NY We also have the lengthy experience needed in maintaining lawns and landscapes in the areas being served, so we know what works best and what to avoid when handling lawn mowing projects. We cater to both residential and commercial spaces, as well as lawns in public areas, homeowners associations, apartment complexes, and sporting areas across Syracuse and neighboring cities.

Best of all, we have competitive rates, and we even provide a free cost estimate so you’ll know exactly how much money you have to prepare for your mowing needs.

Proper Lawn Mowing Techniques

Meanwhile, if you wish to flex your muscles and do weekend DIY lawn mowing with your family, there are some things that you have to know. Have a quick read of these techniques to ensure a successful DIY mowing project:

Lawn Mowing Syracuse, NY
  • Don’t use a mower with blunt blades. Not only will it make the task painfully slow - you’ll also risk damaging your lawn and making the grass susceptible to diseases and weed infestation.

  • Mow when it is cool. In this regard, mow during the early morning or during the afternoon or early evening.

  • Vary mowing directions to avoid creating ruts.

But if you want to ensure that your lawn gets its appropriate care, better hire professionals like us at CGM Property Services.

Hire Us Today

Whether you’re in Syracuse, NY or in other nearby city, we can surely go to your location and render your needed lawn mowing service. We offer monthly, semiannual, and year-long contracts, whichever you desire. Call 315-506-6999 for more details.

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